User Treaty

This Treaty applies to 【Fresh4u】 users who make online purchasing, and users should read the following stipulations in detail.
This Treaty is to protect 【Fresh4u】 and all of its users who make online purchasing (Hereinafter referred to as the user), when the user click on the [I agree to abide by the above provisions] key, or when the user made an online purchase, they shall be deemed to have been known and agreed with all the provisions of this Treaty.
Personal Data Security

In order to complete the transaction, including payment and delivery, all users who make the online purchase on 【Fresh4u】 must ensure that the retained data is in line with the facts and that it is correct, up to date and complete. If any error or false information is provided, 【Fresh4u】 reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse to provide all or part of the Service.

In regard of the users data, 【Fresh4u】conducts the use of safe trading model, in addition, 【Fresh4u】 is obligated to maintain confidentiality to the completion of the transaction and only provide data to the relevant goods or services suppliers or with the relevant business partners, 【Fresh4u】 will not leak or provide users data to Third party. Please refer to our personal privacy statement for the use and preservation of personal data management.

In the following cases, 【Fresh4u】 has the right to review or provide the user’s personal information to the competent authorities, or claim their rights and the appropriate proof of the third party:

• In accordance with the law, or in accordance with the order of the judiciary or other competent authority;

• For the purpose of implementing the terms of this agreement or the user’s breach of the agreed treaty;

• For the maintenance of 【Fresh4u】 system of normal operation and security;

• For the protection of 【Fresh4u】 other users, or other third party’s legitimate rights and interests;

Users are responsible for their personal information, payment information(including credit card information), member password, etcetera, it should be kept in order to avoid leakage of information. All use of their account and password into the system, are regarded as the account and password holders’ behaviour.

Online Purchasing

1. Once the user purchase the goods or services online, they are deemed to known and willing to comply with the trading rules.

2. User informations(such as address and telephone number), if there are any changes, it should be updated immediately on-line to amend the information. Users cannot deny their order or refused to make payment on the grounds of data inconsistency.

3.[Fresh4u] has the right to accept or decline your order. After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, and [Fresh4u] could not reach user through the telephone or email for more than two days, [Fresh4u] will cancel the order and refund the user, the transportation fee and Refund fee will be deducted from the amount.

4. All users are required to use the data reported by [Fresh4u]’s system, and if there is any dispute, the electronic transaction information shall be the standard. If the user found the transaction information is incorrect, they should notify [Fresh4u] e-commerce site management immediately.

System Security

1. The system does not guarantee that the information uploaded by the users will be displayed normally and will not guarantee the correctness of the data transmission. If the users discovers that the system has errors or omissions, please inform [Fresh4u] e-commerce site management immediately.

2. The system’s data will be backed-up regularly, but unless the system has intentional or gross negligence, the users should agree that the system does not have to be responsible should there be a lapse in information or failure in backup storage.


1. The use of the service or any information downloaded from our website is at your own consideration and risk. We will not be liable to you for any damage to your computer system or loss of information due to files that were downloaded from our website.

Suspension or Termination of Website Service

In the following cases, we may not notify the users of the suspension, changes, discontinuation or termination of all or part of the services of this website:

1. The related hardware and software equipment of this website is in need for relocation, replacement, upgrading, maintenance or repairation.

2. Any violation of government laws and regulations, abuse of our return policies, cancelation rate on the order is too high, or any inappropriate behaviour by users that causes trouble for our operation.

3. Natural disasters or other force majeure factors.

4. Unmanageable circumstances where the information is incorrectly displayed, is forged, tampered with, deleted, retrieved or caused website to be interrupted or not functioning properly.

5. Other matters that cannot be attributed to the Company.

6. If we are found liable for significant negligent that causes users damage and loss. The amount of compensation is limited to the amount of the loss caused by the failure of the account or charge due to service interruption.

Amendments to the agreed terms

1. In addition to these Terms of Use, the User shall comply with [Fresh4u] for any other relevant methods and instructions for the development of the online purchase or transaction.

2.[Fresh4u] reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time, and the revised Terms of Use will be posted on this website without informing the user individually. The user agrees to abide by the amended terms of the agreement.