The Story

Established at April 2009, F&H Agrifood Sdn Bhd, with the aim to use the shortest time possible to deliver fresh vegetables directly from farm to consumers. We have eliminated the traditional role of Middlemen which benefits the consumers in term of freshness and cost of the products.

Vegetables are transported directly from farm in Cameron Highlands to our factory in Puchong Industrial Park, Selangor. Upon arriving at the factory, the vegetables will go through a process of inspection, grading, trimming and cleaning, before they are packed and sealed for delivery to customers.

Our Vision

A brand which is equivalent to Quality and Freshness

Product Assurance

Our management team holds on to a 'no compromise' principle in providing fresh vegetables that are of high quality. We are willing to invest more in quality packaging and handling of products to prolong the freshness of the food product so that our consumers get only what is best.

In the effort to ensure that our food products are safe for consumption, we have also acquired the HACCP Certification through SIRIM QAS International. Under the HACCP Certification Scheme, we spend six months to set up and implement a HACCP system in accordance to the MS1480 "Food Safety According to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System", which includes retraining of staff, establishing Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and workflows etc. With the cooperation and joint-effort of all parties in the company, we have successfully gone through a satisfactory audit and given the HACCP Certification in 2011. We believe that by controlling and reducing significant food hazards, our customers can be assured of the safety of the food supplied.

Freshness Maintained

We have a policy that we insist on keeping as we operate each day, that is, all fresh vegetables that are delivered from the farm are sent out to customers WITHIN 24 HOURS. We hope that when the vegetables reach our customers, the freshness is maintained at its best.